With this 3D configurator you can arrange the acoustic baffles mounted on the ceiling at regular intervals and design them parametrically.

All parameters are applied in real time and are included in addition to the visualization on the data sheet, which can be generated after configuration.

  • Room size
  • Room finish
  • Parameterization
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Room size


  • Length in cm ( 400 - 1500 cm)
  • Width in cm ( 400 - 1800 cm)
  • Height in cm ( 240 – 400 cm)


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Room finish


  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Floor

Give the virtual space the materialization. This makes the ceiling elements to be presented in the in realistic surrounding.

If your room differs significantly from the specified materialization, we will be happy to customize it according to your request. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for an individual request.

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The acoustic baffles are 2 cm thick. Using the parameters below, you can create unique acoustic baffle design for your room, ready for manufacturing.

  • Acoustic baffles area
  • Distance from wall 1 [cm]
  • Distance from wall 2 [cm]
  • Distance from wall 3 [cm]
  • Distance from wall 4 [cm]
  • Number of Baffles
  • Change shape
  • Scale transform along Z- axis
  • Baffle Ceiling Colours
  • Gradient position


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