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Revolutionary design of 3D wall panels

Aesthetics and function of 3D wall panels

3D wall panels make your residential or office space look more elegant and sophisticated. Abstract shapes of 3D panels enjoy great popularity as a modern décor because it has excellent ability to fit in any ambience and space. 3D panels can be used to make dull walls impressive, hide wall flaws, improve acoustic performance of space. Simply said, wall panels combine functional, expressive and aesthetics needs.

Depending on needs and specific requirements wall panels can be made in different materials and various finishes (woodgrain, metallic, stone, leather, textured, solids, high gloss, matte). The most common 3d panel materials are wood, gypsum, MDF, PVC, terracotta, glass, marble, stone, brick.

There are many manufacturers of design examples of 3D panels and all of them have one thing in common- repetition. Repetition and modularity help manufacturers’ production process, but customers can not personalize design. They can choose only existing design solutions and can not express their personality. 

There are many advantages of product personalization. Wall-4-All 3D parametric configurator enables co-design process in creating unique 3D wall panels. Parametric design approach used for Wall-4-All 3D panel configurator is inspired by iconic design of Zaha Hadid  developed by Citco and Vorhammer’s Baubuche wall.
Configurator uses grayscale image as an input to control shape and intensity of relief and it can be easily adopted to any other solution as well as pattern density. Additional parameters provide the user opportunity to participate in the design process and generate its own design. Interested in co-design your own 3D wall. Try it and send us a product sheet of your solution so we can make it for you!