Dynamic Triangular pattern for retail branding: The Spot

Triangle pattern detail

Triangular Pattern: The Spot Retail Store Learn More Project: The Spot Architect: Modelart Arhitekti                                          Computational Design: DDC-make Location: retail chain in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro Year: 2018-2021 Dynamic triangular pattern: The Spot Retail Store Parametric triangular […]

Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion: Made simple with 3D Configurator

Geodesic Gridshell

Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion Configurator Geodesic gridshell pavilion is a research and educational project developed at the Department of Architecture and Digital Design Center, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The aim of the project is to develop collaborative tools for students and architects without previous 3D and parametric skills to design and fabricate complex pavilion shapes. […]

Collaborative Urban Design for The European Researchers’ Night

Co-design tool for European-researchers-night

Collaborative Urban Design for The European Researchers’ Night This year, the European Researchers’ Night, like the whole world, faced a special challenge – a pandemic of unprecedented proportions in the modern. Our team from Digital Design Center, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad tried to respond through development of online collaborative design tool […]

75 Pyramids for the Parametric Wooden Ceiling


Parametric wooden ceiling: Panuša Learn More Project: Crepes & Caffé                                                                Architect: Modelart Arhitekti                        […]

Dazzling Parametric Pattern For the Exhibition Booth of Alfa Romeo


Parametric Pattern for the Exhibition Booth of Alfa Romeo Learn More Project: International Car ShowClient: FCA SerbiaArchitect: Modelart ArhitektiComputational Design: DDC-makeLocation: BelgradeYear: 2017 Parametric Patterns for Exhibition Booths Algorithmic Design has been extensively used for creating parametric patterns in the automotive industry With the need to create distinction from conventional car design, concept car design […]

Free Form Plywood Furniture for the Pinoles Showroom


Free Form Plywood Furniture for the Fair Booth Learn More Project: Belgrade Furniture FairClient: PinolesComputational Design: DDC-makeArchitect: Modelart ArhitektiLocation: BelgradeYear: 2018 Plywood Parametric Benches Algorithmic Design for plywood furniture Strength,versatility and lightweightness made plywood furniture one of the mostpreferable choices in interior design. Originally considered as an ugly construction material, plywood was primarily used in […]