Innovative Door Design with DDC-make parametric configurator

Door 3d configurator

Welcome to the future of door design, where innovation meets personalization through our cutting-edge online 3D tool. Say goodbye to standard doors and hello to a world of customized creations that perfectly blend aesthetic elegance with functional excellence. Imagine having the power to design your dream door from the comfort of your own home. Our […]

Revolutionary design of 3D wall panels

Your browser does not support iframes. Revolutionary design of 3D wall panels Aesthetics and function of 3D wall panels 3D wall panels make your residential or office space look more elegant and sophisticated. Abstract shapes of 3D panels enjoy great popularity as a modern décor because it has excellent ability to fit in any ambience and space. […]

Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion: Made simple with 3D Configurator

Geodesic Gridshell

Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion Configurator Geodesic gridshell pavilion is a research and educational project developed at the Department of Architecture and Digital Design Center, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The aim of the project is to develop collaborative tools for students and architects without previous 3D and parametric skills to design and fabricate complex pavilion shapes. […]

Design of Acoustic Panels with All-inclusive 3D configurator

acoustic panels 3d configurator

Try Acoustic Ceiling Panels Configurator Try Acoustic Ceiling Panels Configurator Try Acoustic Wall Panels Configurator Parametric Ceiling Sound Bar Configurator The Power of Parametric Design Parametric design is a process that uses algorithms to generate and manipulate complex design. The 3D configurator for parametric design of acoustic  panels harnesses this power, allowing designers to experiment […]