Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion: Made simple with 3D Configurator

Geodesic Gridshell

Geodesic Gridshell Pavilion Configurator Geodesic gridshell pavilion is a research and educational project developed at the Department of Architecture and Digital Design Center, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The aim of the project is to develop collaborative tools for students and architects without previous 3D and parametric skills to design and fabricate complex pavilion shapes. […]

75 Pyramids for the Parametric Wooden Ceiling

Paremtric wooden ceiling: Panuša Panuša is award-winning project for modern, authentic space of the Café-Creperie in Novi Sad. The most distinctive part of the interior is paraetric design of wooden ceiling, designed by DDC-make computational design group, for the Modelart architects studio. The biggest challenge in interior branding strategy for the cafe was to emphase […]

Parametric pattern for the exhibition booth of Alfa Romeo


Parametric pattern for the exhibition booth of Alfa Romeo Learn More Algorithmic Design has been extensively used for creating parametric patterns in the automotive industry. With the need to create distinction from conventional car design, concept car design for  Renault EOLAB Concept, Audi Aicon Concept, BMW vision next 100, have extensive use of algorithms with […]

Free Form design for the Pinoles Showroom

For the exhibition at the Belgrade Furniture Fair 2017 DDC-make and Modelart Arhitekti design stand for the Pinoles Company, wholesale wood-based panels distributor. Parametric design tools and used for in house digital fabrication of organic and ergonomic furniture and stand structure made of plywood, one of the primary products of the Pinoles company.

Dynamic triangular pattern: The Spot Retail Store

The Spot is a new premium multibrand chain of sporting goods store, which currently has three retail spaces in Belgrade and Novi Sad. When working on the interior design, the aim of architects from Modelart Architects and DDC-make  was to create a dynamic, modern and distinctive space tailored to customers that create their own style and […]