DDC-make: Arch-tech solutions

Free Form Plywood Furniture for the Fair Booth

Project: Belgrade Furniture Fair
Client: Pinoles
Computational Design: DDC-make
Architect: Modelart Arhitekti
Location: Belgrade
Year: 2018

Plywood Parametric Benches

Algorithmic Design for plywood furniture

Strength,versatility and lightweightness made plywood furniture one of the mostpreferable choices in interior design. Originally considered as an ugly construction material, plywood was primarily used in aircraft and automotive industry. Rising trend of plywood furniture started at the beginning of the XX century, with great manufacturing advancements and mass production.  During the 20’s of the XX century modernist architects and designers started to experiment with visual properties and forming capabilities of plywood. In the following decades, masterpieces of plywood furniture designed by Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, Charles and Ray Eams still resemble that  beautiful array of diverse objects can be shaped with plywood. Mass production capability and versatile shapes made Plywood Material of Modern world.

With the rise of mass customization and advanced manufacturing technologies plywood is still  one of the most common materials of the digital age. Digital fabrication techniques and parametric design bring novel approaches for crafting curved shapes and organic forms in plywood. Algorithmic approach to design along with 3-axis CNC milling influenced development of parametric forms in plywood.

For the Belgrade Furniture Fair 2018, DDC-make used parametric design and curved forms for the design of Exihibion stand and sitting area made in plywood, for the Pinoles company- one of the largest distributors of wood based panels in Serbia. Exhibition stand consists of two parametric benches and info pult designed in a similar manner. The main design constraints were a limited amount of plywood for the booth, easy assembly and disassembly process, size of the plywood boards and benches. Freeform shape of the benches was designed to follow the principles of ergonomics and to express creative and cost-efficient way of using plywood boards.