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Geodesic Shell Pavilion Configurator

Geodesic shell pavilion is a research and educational project developed at the Department of Architecture and Digital Design Center, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The aim of the project is to enable students without previous 3D and parametric skills to design and fabricate complex pavilion shapes. For this reason, we create Geodesic shell 3D Configurator.


Geodesic pavilion 3d Configurator

Create simple horizontal mesh which will be used for creating pavilion floorplan. Create close curves that intersect mesh. Curves will be used for locating pavilion openings. Export mesh to .obj file. If you are using Rhino, use following parameters from the illustration for exporting to .obj. Export curves to dxf files. Upload it 3D pavilion configurator and play with geodesic curve patterns.

Project is supported by:

ShapeDiver–  web3D parametric design platform

Fologram, mixed reality experience app

Digital Design Center, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Ideal Lab, University of Novi Sad