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DDC-make 3D configurators are ideal tool for better and flexible way of displaying and co-design of your products. Our visual product configurator increase sales and delivers astonishing shopping experience. Parametric design and interactive 3D model on website are the new standard for e-commerce and unique personalized design. Visual product configurator enables your team to engage your customers with your products shown in 3D, adapted to their own needs and design preferences. 

5 reasons why you need DDC-make 3D product configurator:

Improve customer engagement

DDC-make 3D configurator allows you to visualize product in photorealistic 3D. Realtime rendering and interactive and intuitive way of co-design product online in 3D will significantly customer engagement. 3D configurators delivers impressive online visual experience. DDC-make product configurator is awesome online sales tool that works on desktop, mobile or tablets

3D product configurator
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Consumers are willing to pay premium for personalized products

Customers are willing to pay more

There are many research that shows that customers would be willing to pay more for customized product. According to Delloite research, 36% of consumers saying they are interested in personalised products. 71% of consumers interested in customization, would be prepared to pay a premium. According to Forbes, brands are achieving an 80% reduction in online returns. Increase sales with our 3D product configurator

Decrease sales cycles and cut lead times

With the automated dynamic Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting (CPQ) system, 3D configurator enables faster time-to-market and drive sales. Apart from CPQ benefits, they can reduce back and forth design and prototyping process and prepare products for manufacturing instantly.

Cut lead time with 3d configurator
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Co-design products with endless configurations

Our product configurator is online 3D modeling and parametric design tool that enables even complex designs and futuristic form generation without any previous 3D modelling knowledge or parametric design modelling software. For the design solutions that need hours or days of working, architects and designers and even non-professionals can do it in seconds. Parametric design has never been easier –customers can generate parametric design variations in seconds directly in web browser 

Understand customer’s behaviour and sell what they need

Discover how much time customer spent on each product configurator. Understanding customer’s behaviour can help better understanding their need and development of smarter product options. Our configurators are suported with advanced web analytics which can help you better understanding customer’s behaviour.

How many people interact with your configurator? How many interactions they made? How much time they spent interacting with your configurator? Our 3D Configurator provide answers on those questions. Win new customers by getting to know their needs

3D Product configurator web analytics

DDC-make online 3D configurator features:

Lightweight and lightning-fast

Our visual product configurator use cloud computing infrastructure which support parametric computations at scale. Average time for changing shape of complex geometry is less than 5 seconds.

Tailor-made 3D configurator with unlimited number of combinations

3D parametric configurator are custommade  towards clients wishes. Due to parametric design approach to the process of customization with our configurators, client can decide number and range of slider for generating 3D geometry, colors and textures.

Suported eCommerce integration

Your 3D parametric product configurator can seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms or integrated on any web site

Import your existing 2D or 3D data

Meshes, curves, or polylines, points can be imported and run through online algorithm providing parametric model as service. Our 3D configurator support dxf (2D drawings) and obj (3D meshes) as input.

Parametric design in cloud

Our parametric 3D configurators are based on ShapeDiver, the worlds first platform for online parametric design. Shapediver platform and grasshopper3D parametric design tool

Unlimated personalization with image input

Image file formats jpeg, png, tiff and giff and bmp can be imported and used for creating parametric shapes with image abstractions for personalized products.

Production ready files

Generate .3DM, .STL, .DXF, .DWG, .STEP, .OBJ file geometry for direct CNC production, 3D printing or standard CAD technical documentation

Export PDF product sheet with rendered product

Create screenshot of 3D design with parameters you choose and save it as PDF or JPEG, along with all product specs

Many brands are starting to realize the importance of having an 3d parametric product configurator