Computational design solutions for architecture

DDC-make product configurators increase sales and delivers astonishing shopping experience. Parametric design and interactive 3D within web browser are the new standard for e-commerce and unique personalized design.

3D product configurator

The next generation configurators

Our 3D configurators enables faster time-to-market and drive sales by integrating parametric design and real time price listing in your customer experience. DDC-make parametric configurators reduce back and forth design and prototyping process and prepare products for manufacturing instantly.

Why to use web 3D parametric configurators in architecture and construction?

There are many marketing research proving that web 3d product configurators are future of E-commerce and Digital services in architecture, design and real estate market. 

According to a report by Delloite, 36% of consumers are interested in personalised products. 71% of them are willing to pay more for personalization. Those under 40 are more interested, with 43% of 16-24 year olds and 46% of 25-30 year olds attracted to personalised goods and services. Similarly, Zerolight claims that 3D product configurator designed for Audi revolutionise their online customer experience.

Configurators can boost sales of different products in architecture (façade panels, windows, acoustic baffles, wall and floor coatings etc) by improving shopping experience, and enhancing client’s creativity. Our web 3d parametric configurators can also be used for automatic generation of 3d floor plans in which interior wall position or color can be changed.