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Parametric Pattern for the Exhibition Booth of Alfa Romeo

Project: International Car Show
Client: FCA Serbia
Architect: Modelart Arhitekti
Computational Design: DDC-make
Location: Belgrade
Year: 2017

Parametric Patterns for Exhibition Booths

Algorithmic Design has been extensively used for creating parametric patterns in the automotive industry

With the need to create distinction from conventional car design, concept car design for  Renault EOLAB Concept, Audi Aicon Concept, BMW vision next 100, have extensive use of algorithms with complex shapes and patterns. Parametric design applications can be found on car grilles, wheels and other details, as well as three-dimensional textures for interiors. Although inherent design logic with fading and repetition of elements is simple, it can not be easily achievable using conventional 3d modeling methods.

Parametric patterns for cars are often derived from car logos or specific car details. For the Alfa Romeo exhibition booth at International car show in Belgrade 2017, diamond pattern of carbon grilles for Alfa Romeo Giulia was used as a main motive for creating parametric wall pattern

In order to highlight the elegance and novel design of their cars, DDC-make and Modelart Architects created a unique design solution. Design of the exhibition booth follows the fluid lines creating the illusion of motion. Similar to fading parametric patterns often used for concept car design details, fading diamond pattern is generated with different treatment of wall material. Gloss and reflection of 2D wall pattern is applied in accordance with car materials.