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Triangular Pattern: The Spot Retail Store

Project: The Spot                                                                      

Architect: Modelart Arhitekti                                          Computational Design: DDC-make

Location: retail chain in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro
Year: 2018-2021

Dynamic triangular pattern: The Spot Retail Store

Parametric triangular pattern is a main feature of multibrand chain stores "The Spot"

The Spot is a new premium multibrand chain of sporting goods store, which currently has retail spaces in Serbia (Novi Sad and Belgrade) , Montenegro (Podgorica) and Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mostar) . When working on the interior design, the aim of architects from Modelart Architects and DDC-make  was to create a dynamic, modern and distinctive space tailored to customers that create their own style and identity. The form is associated with movement and sport, in accordance with the use of space.

Main inspiration for the project came from chronophotography –  technique used to capture a subject’s movement into single image. Sport chronophotography reveals the secrets of sportist motion and motion paths are used as a design driver. In the entrance area of all Spot retail spaces is the network of triangular elements guided by motion paths. Triangular pattern scheme was chosen because of its flexibility and adaptability to different areas, while preserving the concept and recognition. Computational design was used to adapt design approach to different stores and different shape and dimensions of entrance area of the Retail spaces.

triangle pattern
triangular-pattern The Spot
Triangle pattern