How to use it:
  1. Default Grayscale contols relief intensity and perforation distribution. Upload grayscale image if you want to change it. 
  2. Set the wall size and play with other geometry parameters. If the size of the desired structure can not be done with given parameters, please contact us for the custom support
  3. Try different materials.
  4. Fill the Form and click icon  (upper right part of screen screen panel ) to send request and receive free 3D  model. If you have any question or requiry add to Fill the form line or send us email.
  1. Send request!

After sending request, we will send you 3d model for visualization  purposes and contact you regarding fabrication 

Viewport settings

Hold and move left mouse button for rotation or scroll  for zoom (Desktop)

Swipe for rotation and pinch/spread fingers for scale ( (tablet)

Choose viewport settings buttons (camera, AR, Fullscreen, Zoom Extents)

Click AR button to get QR code and see model in a full scale in Augmented reality view.