DDC-make: Arch-tech solutions

We provide novel solutions in architecture

We help architects, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, real-estate companies to speed up and customize design process for unique design solutions. 

From  3D parametric product configurator to computational design  with complex non-standard geometry we make design happen. We use computation design, digital fabrication and interactive visualization tools in order to automate and optimize design-to-fabrication process for complex design and non-standard geometry.


Customized solutions for the production of multiple, complex design options that can be developed quickly in response to design team feedback.

Design customization of online 3D parametric configurators which can boost product sales or help architects, clients, customers to customize product or participate in the design process.

Interactive walkthrough visualizations in web browser as a communication and marketing tool in architecture and real-estate marketing projects

About us

DDC-make is arch-tech spin-off developed from the research group Digital Design Center. Digital Design Center  is academic research group at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Our team consists of architects and computer scientists specialized in the field of computational design, digital fabrication, web 3d technologies.