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Parametric wooden ceiling: Panuša

Project: Crepes & Caffé                                                                Architect: Modelart Arhitekti                                          Computational Design: DDC-make
Location: Novi Sad
Year: 2018

Parametric Wooden Ceiling for Caffe & Creperie

Algorithmic Design has been extensively used for creating parametric patterns in the automotive industry

Panuša is award-winning project for modern, authentic space of the Café-Creperie in Novi Sad. The most distinctive part of the interior is the parametric design of wooden ceiling, designed by DDC-make computational design group, for the Modelart architects studio. The biggest challenge in interior branding strategy for the cafe was to emphase attractiveness, creativity and distinct culinary approach of a client through unique design of ceiling. Expressive light installation, through parametric wooden ceiling design, gives a recognizable visual identity to this space. It is created utilizing a combination of dynamic geometry and perforated diamond pattern design  whose result remains in the visitors mental map.

Wooden ceiling consists of 75 unique inverted pyramids with perforation that gradually change density and size of round holes. Diamond grid patterns of the pyramids follow the main circulation path in the cafe. For the intricate and complex design of the wooden ceiling DDC-make creates a parametric model for the automated workflow and file-to-factory documentation for digital fabrication. Wooden ceiling is made of 6mm thick triangular panels which meet with edges beveled with different angles. Design-to-fabrication approach enables automatic generation of models ready for CNC manufacturing  individual elements and fast assembly process.