Welcome to the future of door design, where innovation meets personalization through our cutting-edge online 3D tool. Say goodbye to standard doors and hello to a world of customized creations that perfectly blend aesthetic elegance with functional excellence.

Imagine having the power to design your dream door from the comfort of your own home. Our online 3D tool empowers you to become the master of your design journey, allowing you to shape every aspect of your door’s appearance and features. Here’s how the magic happens:
  1. Seamless Digital Experience: Dive into our user-friendly online platform, where your door design journey begins with just a few clicks. No advanced design skills are necessary – our intuitive interface makes the process enjoyable for everyone.

  2. Design Customization: Choose from an array of door styles, materials, finishes, and hardware options. With a vast palette at your fingertips, you’re free to experiment and create a door that resonates with your unique taste and interior decor.

  3. Visualize in 3D: Watch your vision come to life as our online tool generates a stunning 3D representation of your personalized door design. Rotate, zoom, and explore every angle to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.

  4. Functional Features: It’s not just about looks – our tool allows you to integrate functional elements into your design. From glass panels to smart locks, you have the ability to tailor your door’s features to match your lifestyle and practical needs.

  5. Augmented Reality Integration: Take your design from the screen to reality using our Augmented Reality feature. Visualize your personalized door design in real-time within your living space through your mobile or tablet.

Crafting the Perfect Door, Step by Step:

  1. Start Designing: Play with door parameters and begin your design journey with our online 3D tool.

  2. Material and Finish: Select your preferred material and experiment with finishes until you find the perfect combination.

  3. Add Functional Details: Enhance your door’s functionality and style by incorporating hardware and features that suit your needs.

  4. Augmented Reality Magic: With a simple tap, visualize your door design in your space using your mobile or tablet’s camera.

  5. Refinement and Perfection: Make any necessary adjustments based on the AR visualization, ensuring your door is everything you envisioned.

Seamless Integration with DWG Lines:


We understand the importance of your existing designs. With our unique functionality, you can effortlessly import your DWG files directly into our configurator. Our intelligent algorithms detect and analyze every line, curve, and detail, ensuring a seamless transition from digital drawing to physical carving. This integration preserves your artistic integrity and streamlines the entire creative process.

Door Design carving from dwg file

Various solutions of door design carving from dwg file generated with DDC-make 3d configurator

Experience Augmented Reality: Your Door, Your Space

  1. Seamless Transition: With our AR integration, you can instantly see how your designed door will look in your home. No more guesswork – it’s like having a virtual showroom at your fingertips.

  2. Realistic Visualization: Watch your door design come to life as it blends seamlessly with your surroundings. Walk around, view it from different angles, and ensure it fits perfectly with your interior.

  3. Informed Decisions: AR visualization empowers you to make well-informed decisions. Ensure your design harmonizes with your existing décor and space before finalizing your creation.

Your Door Design tool, Your Masterpiece:

At DDC-make, we believe that every 3d product configurator has a story to tell. With our online 3D tool, the creative process is in your hands. Our Door design configurator not only reflects client’s personality and style but also seamlessly fits into  living space. Experience the satisfaction of seeing personalized door design come to life and make a lasting impression. Our unique tool is based on innovative ShapeDiver platform

Whether you’re seeking a classic entryway, a modern gateway, or an artistic masterpiece, our tools let you experience your design in your space before making a commitment. Elevate your door design experience today. Unleash your imagination, design your door, and visualize it seamlessly with Augmented Reality – a door that is truly a reflection of you and your environment. Start your journey with us now. Keen to see more design/artistic 3D product configurator solutions? Check out revolutionary 3D wall design tool!

Join us at DDC-make and embark on a journey of self-expression, innovation, and functional design. Design product masterpieces that tells your story – start designing today with our tools! See more examples of our configurator here!